Zoomer Dog is definitely a great choice if you like robots. It can be easily taught how to speak, roll over, and shake a paw and so much more. The best news is that you do not even need to worry about cleaning or feeding the dog! If you and your family enjoy technology, or simply love dogs, this is a great gift for any youngster.

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Zoomer Pup Video

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The dog responds to voice commands and it acts just like a normal dog would: he can do a variety of tricks, from the classic roll overs to playing dead and many other stunts. Zoomer Pup is truly the ultimate family pet that every child would love to have: affectionate, enthusiastic and playful.  Zoomer The Dog will wag his tail when he is happy, whine when he is upset and even speak with you.

Zoomer Dog will surely become part of the family before you even know it, as nobody can resist the toy’s adorable LED eyes that come with a blinking feature. All the toy’s stunts and tricks can be easily activated with the voice command receiver, which can process tens of different commands.

Zoomer Tricks

Here is a table that list what tricks you are able to train and play with Zoomer Dog to give you more detail about Zoomer’s tricks:

Zoomer’s Position
Your Command
Zoomer’s Action
Zoomer Dog Sit Down You say: “Zoomer, sit down!” Zoomer will: Fold back legs and keep front legs straight
Zoomer Dog Speak You say: “Zoomer, speak!” Zoomer will: Bark, bending back his legs with each bark
Zoomer Dog Shake a Paw You say: “Zoomer, shake a paw!” (Move your hand towards one of his paws!) Zoomer will: Twist his torso and move one paw toward you
Zoomer Dog Roll Over You say: “Zoomer, roll over!” Zoomer will: Roll onto his back on the first attempt, like a confused puppy. With practice, he’ll eventually learn to roll over completely.
Zoomer Dog Protect Me You say: “Zoomer, protect me!” Zoomer will: Growl, drop into guard position and bark at any motion
Zoomer Dog Play Dead You say: “Zoomer, play dead!” Zoomer will: Lift his back leg on the first try. On the second, he’ll roll onto his back with X eyes
Zoomer Dog Look At Me You say: “Zoomer, look at me!” Zoomer will: Slowly wave your hand in front of his chest and follow your hand with his eyes
Zoomer Dog Go Walk You say: “Zoomer, let’s go for a walk!” Zoomer will: Bark, wag his tail and run around with excitement
Zoomer Dog Lay Down You say: “Zoomer, lay down!” Zoomer will: Fold all legs completely
Zoomer Dog Love You say: “Zoomer, I love you!” Zoomer will: Bark “I love you”
Zoomer Dog Pee You say: “Zoomer, go pee!” Zoomer will: Roll next to an object and lift his hind leg
Zoomer Dog Follow Me You say: “Zoomer, follow me!” Zoomer will: Bark twice and follow your feet
Zoomer Dog Come Here You say: “Zoomer, come here!” Zoomer will: Bark, fold his legs, pant and move towards the first thing he sees

Zoomer Dog Review

I know many satisfied user of this toy, you can read some of Zoomer Dog review below. Hope it can helps you to make the right buying decision about this pet toy.

By Lind F. Miller:
I love Zoomer. Right out of the box a very appealing product. Haven’t had him long enough to see how long he functions but if looks are any help he will be around a long time. He was shipped tightly and I mean that. He was so secure nothing could have hurt him during shipping short of a ship falling on him. Charged him up and he was ready to play. His eyes got bright and he was on the go. Plan to have many happy times with this little fellow.

By Katy E. Basquez:
I just got my Zoomer a few days before I decided to write this review and it is amazing! I told him to dance and he did the first time! It’s a fivestar hit! I think it’s funny when I say, “Zoomer, let’s get a drink”, he makes the sound of a monkey and after I say it two times, he acts like a lottery machine. He likes to explore a lot. If you want him to be happy, after each command, you say “Zoomer, good boy”, and he listens. I’m planning to have some good times with him!

By Jan McDonald: 
I purchased Zoomer for Christmas for my grandson. Although he hasn’t opened it yet, it was voted the number one toy for the season! I’m thrilled. I ordered it and received it before Thanksgiving and loved the speed of Amazon’s delivery. I know it will be a Merry Christmas🙂

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